Location Illawarra & South Coast
Advertisement Number A900075215
Number of Positions 1
Total Remuneration Package: The total remuneration package will be $157,135.00. This classification attracts a base salary of $141,858.00.
School Name Bombala High School
Principal Network Queanbeyan
Staffing Area Batemans Bay
FTE 1.000
Closing Date 16-Nov-2016, 1:00:00 PM
Job Category TCH Other
Organisation Teaching Service

Position Information

Bombala High School is a small rural comprehensive high school located in the south east of New South Wales at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. It has a current population of 119 students and 20 teaching staff. The experienced staff provides leadership in innovative teaching methods and programming and the use of technology to support student engagement. The school has enjoyed consistently positive HSC results and excellent post-school opportunities for students as they transition into the workforce or further study. There is a focus on literacy and numeracy and an emphasis on providing all students with the maximum possible growth in their skills. Bombala High School provides a strong culture of student achievement and support for learning. This is supported by a strong student welfare and wellbeing program and individual attention provided by our student support team.

Specific Selection Criteria

In addition to the general selection criteria a demonstrated ability to lead a dynamic and diverse staff to implement an innovative and differentiated curriculum to enhance learning outcomes for all students. The ability to influence increasingly innovative teaching practice in and across every classroom to support the developmental needs of 21st Century learners. Demonstrated capacity for visible, strategic and inclusive whole-school leadership and communication with students, staff, parents and the wider school community, showing understanding and appreciation of the character and needs of a rural community and school.

General Selection Criteria

1. High level educational leadership with the skills to lead and manage a complex public school focused on the delivery of high quality education
2. Ability to lead and manage rigorous and inclusive whole school teaching and learning programs
3. High level communication and interpersonal skills with the capacity to build positive relationships and engage all levels of the school and educational community
4. Ability to lead and manage the development and performance of staff to improve teaching and learning
5. Ability to plan systems and manage resources effectively and equitably to enhance teaching and learning
6. Capacity to lead staff in implementing the Department's Aboriginal education policies and to ensure quality outcomes for Aboriginal people


For appointment as principal of a high school or principal of a central school, the possession of a degree from a recognised university or qualifications considered to be equivalent is regarded as essential.

Special Notes

Classification Structure for Principals:
The Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2014 details the new principal classification structure based on complexity of schools which commenced in 2016.
The classification and remuneration of our school principals is based on school complexity, as measured through each school’s RAM allocation. As part of the ongoing application of the new structure a review of thresholds and outcomes will occur on an annual basis. The principal classification for this school is Principal Level P2 for 2016 and also for 2017.


  • School Principal
  • Management
  • Master of Education


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