Why Work With Jamaica Blue

Jamaica... The pineapple is the traditional gift of welcome and at Jamaica Blue, we we welcome you with all the freshness, flavour and warmth of the Caribbean.

Born and bred in Australia, and growing globally, we're named after the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, widely regarded as home of the best coffee in the world.

We're Entrepreneurs inspiring happiness! We love what we do and we love our community too. Which is why we work hard everyday to make others day a little bit brighter. 

If this sounds like you then join our Crew today!


Jamaica Blue's Senior Employment Relations Advisor, Helena Hansell

“Hints from HR” turns Interviewers into Interviewees to ask the Human Resources (HR) professionals making the hiring decisions what they actually want, what they look for, their turn-ons and turn-offs, their best advice plus a little about their own story. Read on to get Jamaica Blue’s advice:

Hints from Helena

What I look for in candidates:

It’s really important that you are passionate and enthusiastic about the opportunity. There needs to be an obvious willingness to apply your skills and continue to learn and grow, and a real interest in our brands. Relevant experience always needs to be considered.

To me, the most employable skills a candidate could have are:

Great teamwork and communication skills will always take you places. Being proactive, working together with others, making decisions, problem-solving and achieving goals often take the involvement of more than just one person.

My advice to applicants who want to stand out:

Do your research! If you’re applying for a baker position – we want to know your observations of our stores, products and of course, what's your favourite muffin!.

The biggest mistake you could make:

We all know that traffic, public transport and/or Google Maps can really challenge us at times, and often on the days you really need them to be your best friend; but if you’re late, lost or unable to attend an interview, be sure to communicate that to the relevant contact.

The first thing I notice about a candidate at an interview:

Their level of engagement, interest in the position and the business. It’s also always important to present well and greet the interviewers in an appropriate manner.

Questions a candidate should never ask:

Questions are good. Remember this interview is a two-way process – you need to know that the position, the company, and the culture is right for you too. I guess there are things that you could avoid asking but I’d say that would just be common sense.

Don't shy away from asking:

More about the culture of the business as well as the challenges in the role.

Don't let this hold you back:

Experience in the specific industry. Don’t let that worry you. You might, in fact, have the perfect skill set for a position and it’s only the industry that’s new to you – don’t let this hold you back from applying as we are always looking for transferable skills.

What homework I expect you to have done before the interview:

You should aim to research and have a general understanding of the business and some of the work we’ve done, e.g. recent campaigns we have done. I like candidates to have visited our stores prior to the interview so they can talk about their experience.

My advice to a candidate who wasn't successful:

I would suggest treating that process as another opportunity – there is no doubt that you’ve learnt something along the way. If you are genuinely passionate and interested, apply for another role if a suitable opportunity arises, or ensure you have expressed an interest through our website.

Information For Parents

Information for Parents

As a large employer of young people, we understand it is important that both you and your child feel comfortable with your child’s place of work. 

Jamaica Blue is a great place for young people to start their working life.

Young people at Jamaica Blue not only learn how to make an amazing coffee or create an exciting dish they learn life skills that will help them in their future careers, such as communication, team work, punctuality, prioritization and problem solving. 

Staff members at Jamaica Blue are trained through a structure online course and on the job training. 

Here is an overview of some of the information that you might want to know and answer some of the questions that you might have if your child works at one of our stores

For parents of prospective employees

Below outlines the minimum age requirements to work at a Jamaica Blue. 

Written parental consent is required to employ persons under the age of 15. They cannot work during school hours, but may be employed for up to 10 hours a week with a maximum of six hours per day. Hours of work are not restricted for people aged 15 to 17. However, they cannot   work during the hours they are required to attend school.

There is no minimum legal age limit for starting work in TAS. However, persons under 16 cannot work during school hours.

Persons over 13 years of age are permitted to work with written parental consent. Persons under 16 cannot work during school hours. They cannot work more than four hours per day and 12 hours per week during school time.

Persons under 17 years of age cannot work during school hours or between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

Persons over 13 years may start work as long as they have written parental consent. Children under the age of 17 must not work during school hours and must not start work before 6am or finish after 10pm.


Persons cannot start work until they are over 15 years of age. Persons under 16 cannot work during school hours and may not work more than three hours on a school day. They must finish work by 9pm.

There is no minimum legal age limit for starting work in NSW. However, persons under 15 cannot work during school hours.  If under 17, persons cannot work full time with the intention of leaving school without speaking to their Careers Advisor and applying to leave school.

What Award are employees hired under? 

Restaurant Industry Award. 

Will my child receive superannuation contributions ? 

Staff member is entitled to super when they earn over $350 a calendar month. 

What is the minimum shift length? 

·       Casual – Minimum shift is 2 hours
·       Part Time – Minimum rostered shift is 3 hours. 

When are breaks given? 

Hours Worked                        Rest Break (Paid)                 Meal Break (Unpaid)

Less than 4 hours                             No                                                No
4 hrs but less than 5 hrs         1 x 10 min break                                     No
5 hrs but less than 9 hrs         1 x 10 min break                          1 x 30 min break 
9 hrs or more                          2 x 10 min break                         2 x 30 min break 

Does my child need to buy their uniform? 

All employees will be provided with a uniform that must be worn whilst at work. Employees may be required to pay a deposit for this uniform, however, if this is the case this deposit will be returned when the uniform is returned. All employees are expected to look after and maintain their uniform, so that they are clean and tidy when at work.

When and how is my child paid? 

Wages are paid either weekly or fortnightly depending on the Jamaica Blue store. Payment is to be made via EFT into your child’s nominated back account. The store will advise on which day of the week this will occur. Pay slips are to be issued with in 24 hours of payment being received.  

Is there anyone my child can talk to if they’re unhappy with anything? 

Jamaica Blue has a dedicated Employment Hotline to discuss any issues you or your child may be experiencing. The details are as follows: 

Phone: 1800 622 388 

Mobile: 0421 885 008 (text message only)

Meet the Crew


Franchisee, Grand Central 1 and Grand Central 2


What inspired you to join Jamaica Blue ?
The opportunity to buy my own business and Jamaica Blue’s solid reputation.

What has been your career highlight to date?
The opening of the second store and it being successful.

What has been your biggest challenge in store?
Trying to inspire the staff to care about the business as much as I do.

And most importantly what is your favourite item on the menu?
Bacon & Egg Brioche and Breakfast Crepe, I know that’s two, but they are really good.

Lee Ann

Store Manager, Jamaica Blue The Ridge


What inspired you to join Jamaica Blue ?
Jamaica Blue is a great café and as a Chef I have a passion for Food (and Coffee).

What has been your career highlight to date?
Being promoted from Cook to Store manager.

What has been your biggest challenge in store?
The transition from Team member to manager whilst maintaining relationships with team mates.

And most importantly what is your favourite item on the menu?
Chocolate Brownie for sure !


Customer Service Ambassador, Jamaica Blue Myer Centre


What has been a career highlight at Jamaica Blue?

The highlight of my time at Jamaica Blue would be the ‘awards season’ because you never know when a mystery judge customer will come into the store. We always aim to give every customer an amazing experience, but during this time the staff join together more than usual and using their enthusiasm, they create a wonderful and fun environment. Not only this, it is great seeing the people I work with get dressed up at the awards nights and enjoy the hard work we’ve put in.

What does Jamaica Blue mean to you?

Jamaica Blue is a place where you can escape the reality of the real world.

Yes we have exceptional coffee and classic food with a twist, but it’s the customer service that makes the experience unforgettable. I love that my job is to treat everyone like a VIP, hand out smiles and greetings that make them realise that they’re going to be looked after throughout their visit. If I were looking for a cafe to visit, I would choose Jamaica Blue over any other cafe because I know I’m going to be treated well and have an exceptional experience before re-entering the mayhem of the real world.


Supervisor/ Barista, Jamaica Blue Fiona Stanley Hospital


Tell me about your background?
I started out at muffin break in Phoenix, I started as junior there just serving and then I eventually worked my way up as a barista. I was there for 5 years.

How did you know about Jamaica Blue?
I found the a barista job advertisement online.

What has been a career highlight for Jamaica blue?
Becoming a supervisor, having more responsibilities & increased opportunities within the brand.

What does Jamaica Blue meant to you?
Jamaica Blue means a fun working environment, good friends and amazing coffee.